Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Biogrpahy

Musician. Born March 1, 1994, in Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber was raised by a single mom in the small town of Stratford. Bieber, whose debut album My World hit stores in November 2009, is a true overnight success, having gone from an unknown, untrained singer whose mother posted YouTube clips of her boy performing, to a budding superstar with a big-time record deal, all in just two years.

Bieber always had an interest in music. His mother gave him a drum kit for his second birthday and, as he tells it, he was "basically banging on everything I could get my hands on."

But it was an obscure talent contest in his hometown, in which the 12-year-old Bieber finished second that put him on the road to superstardom. As a way to share his singing with family, Justin and his mom began posting clips of Bieber performing covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Ne-Yo on YouTube.

Within months, Justin was an Internet sensation, with a large following of fans, and an eager manager arranging for the teenager to fly to Atlanta to consider a record deal. There, Bieber had a chance meeting with Usher, who eventually signed the young singer to a contract.

Bieber's first single, One Time, went certified platinum in his native Canada shortly after its release. His album matched that success, selling more than 137,000 copies within a week of hitting stores.

Other Facts about Justin Bieber:
-Justin is a dedicated Christian
-according to Pattie, music and sports are Justin's great passions. He dedicates most of his time to these.
-Justin is single
-Justin is left-handed
-the first instrument Justin learned to play was a drum kit. This is also the only instrument he has (had) lessons in.
-Justin was an only child and he grew up without his biological father.
-his best friend from Stratford, Ryan Butler, stars in Justin's "One Time" video
-Justin has a dog called Sam
-he started singing at age 12, entered a competition and made it to second place.
-he is fluent in French
-he used to play hockey for the Atlanta Knights (before going on tour). He was #18
-he is homeschooled
-according to Pattie, Justin works very hard to keep up with his full-time job and school work.
-he has stated that he misses his friends in Stratford, but likes the big city as well
-Usher introduced him to LA tastemakers in April 2009 and called him Def Jam's priority
-he is said to suffer from migraine at times due to all his hard work
-he initially posted videos on YouTube for friends and family but when people started to subscribe to them, he posted more
-on his original MySpace, Justin stated that he wants to go to the school of ministry someday and travel the world to spread the word of God.
-movies Justin enjoys: the Rocky series, August Rush, Drumline, Saving Private Ryan, Cars, Step Up, You Got Served, Guardian
-artists he likes: Usher, Michael Jackson,Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, some 2Pac, Rascall Flatts, Elliott Yamin, Billy Talent, Lifehouse, T-bone
-television series he enjoys watching: American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Smallville
-supports the Cleveland Cavaliers
-says his mom's got horrible driving skills
-says he doesn't like school despite having a 4.0 grade point average
-he has a little sister,Jazmine and baby brother, Jaxon
-can solve a completely scrambled Rubic's Cube in less than 2 minutes
-stated that he originally wanted to become a hockey player, incorporating his number (#6) in his signature. -When he got into the singing business he kept his old signature with the #6 in it.
-wore huge black glasses on KissFM, but they were only used as a prop: he does not need them to see
-his tutor travels with him.
-says algebra is his best subject
-he's really into videogames. He owns a PS3 and an Xbox360
-his favorite drink is vitamin water
-his favorite food is spaghetti
-his favorite color is baby blue
-his favorite number is 6
-he likes cherry cheese cake
-his favourite hockey team are the Maple Leafs
-his favorite candy is sour patch kids
-his favorite cereal is captain crunch


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